Finally! An Alternative Solution to Debt Relief

Does this scenario sound familiar?

It’s been a lovely morning and you’ve just finished a relaxing breakfast with your spouse. You remember thinking that the weather is too nice not to enjoy the sunshine, so you step outside to go for a walk. You’ve been walking for about 30 minutes and, feeling rejuvenated, you start towards home again thinking you should probably check the mail before you head back in. As you approach your mailbox that old anxiety sets in and your stomach drops as you peek inside. Your monthly credit card and vehicle payment bills have arrived and, just like that, your perfect morning is ruined. You go back inside feeling worried about your debts and concerned about your future instead of enjoying what should have been another beautiful day.

If you can relate to this situation and are an individual that:

  • Has many outstanding debts,
  • Receives monthly bill payments from several different collectors,
  • Has a bad credit score due to several late payments and,
  • Is over the age of sixty and owns their own home…

Then you should know that taking a Canadian Reverse Mortgage could be the solution that will help you take back control of your financial situation and rid yourself of debt.

By opening a CHIP Home Income Plan you can unlock the equity in your home and use that cash to pay off your debts.

It is possible to live the life you want and remain debt-free. Contact Horizon Equity to talk to a mortgage specialist that can discuss your options with you and get you back on track with your finances.