Low Rates are Making Reverse Mortgages Attractive

There are many reasons that more Canadians are choosing reverse mortgages as a financial instrument for their retirement. Low interest rates are one of them. In many cases, the interest rate for a reverse mortgage is even lower than a mortgage that someone may have taken out five to ten years ago on their home, making a reverse mortgage a no-brainer way of paying off a mortgage into retirement.

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The institution behind reverse mortgages in Canada is a federally registered bank, which means they are able to offer lower interest rates than they have in the past. The cost of borrowing against your home’s equity has never been lower than it is right now.

There are no “gotchas” with a reverse mortgage, and the process of applying for one is regulated so that there never can be. Applying for a reverse mortgage requires legal advice, for one, so you can always be assured that you’ll have a third party looking at the deal for you and ensuring that you are getting the best value for your money.

Use Low Interest Rates to Your Advantage
Pay off your household debt going into retirement. Help family members buy their first homes. Get the money for traveling in retirement that you’ve always wanted but didn’t quite have the ability to put aside. There’s a million ways you can use the money that you could get for a reverse mortgage, and low interest rates mean now is the time to access your home’s equity before they have a chance to go back up.

Use a Reverse Mortgage as a Financial Instrument
If you have a higher-value property that you plan on staying in during your retirement, you may not “need” the money from a reverse mortgage. But think about what you could do with the tax-free money from your home equity on the stock market or in other investments, such as your own small business. A reverse mortgage offers a huge benefit over a home equity line of credit in that you have the option to choose a fixed rate for a period of time with a reverse mortgage. With a home equity line of credit, you are at the bank’s mercy and your interest rates can be increased without your consent at any time. Tap into your home equity that won’t leave you at the mercy of creditors in your retirement with a reverse mortgage.

Want to find out just how low interest rates are on a reverse mortgage? Contact Horizon Equity today for our rates and to answer any questions you have about the application process.