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Using a Reverse Mortgage for Investments

You didn’t get to retirement without doing a little investing. Sometimes, you see opportunities that other, less trained eyes may not recognize as a great potential investment, and you want to jump on it when you do. But if you are retired, you do not have the disposable income that you once did for investing…. read more

Travel with a Reverse Mortgage

Many Canadians get to retirement with enough savings to live on, but not to supplement travel or entertainment. While this seems like an easy sacrifice if your lives are filled with family and friends, you may find your thoughts straying to seeing the city in Europe you always wanted to visit, or seeing that friend… read more

A Reverse Mortgage Could be for You

An older but delightful couple, Bud and Jan Lawrence, are retired grandparents with plans. The Lawrence’s are convinced that they should try to stay in their current home, because they have determined that downsizing and selling their house could cause them to unnecessarily incur thousands of dollars in selling, moving, and refurnishing costs, and then… read more