Edmonton Reverse Mortgages

Welcome to Horizon Equity Edmonton! We extend to Edmonton seniors the resources to access the equity in their homes so that they can enjoy their retirement, renovate their property, go on a holiday, repay debt, or just plain enjoy their hard earned home equity.Pairing with our lender, the HomEquity Bank, Horizon Equity is able to give Edmonton seniors who own their home a CHIP reverse mortgage so they can withdraw up to 55% of their home’s value. They can take all the money at one time, or receive periodic payments. The best part is, no loan payments are made until the home is sold or both homeowners move out!

So if you’re a senior over the age of 55, living in Edmonton, and are interested in learning more about Horizon Equity and CHIP, please Contact Us for more information. Alternatively, you can request a Reverse Mortgage Counseling Appointment, or learn more by browsing our Reverse Mortgage FAQ section.

About Edmonton:

Edmonton is the capital of Alberta, and boasts a strong oil and gas industry. Edmonton’s population is over 750,000 people, and is considered a cultural, government and educational center. The University of Alberta can be found in Edmonton, as well as other post-secondary institutions like Grant MacEwan College and NAIT.

Edmonton’s most prominent landmark is probably the West Edmonton Mall, which is the largest shopping mall in North America (it was the largest shopping mall in the world when it opened in 1981). Edmonton is home to Fort Edmonton Park, the largest historic park in Canada, and is also the home to the Edmonton International Fringe Festival. Edmonton was named the cultural capital of Canada in 2007.