Get Started – Five Steps to Financial Peace of Mind

Amazingly, you could receive money from your Canadian Reverse Mortgage loan in just a matter of days. Simply follow Horizon Equity’s Five Easy Steps to get started and secure your financial dreams.

  1. Request an Estimate from Horizon Equity to see if you qualify for a Canadian Reverse Mortgage loan. Alternatively, Contact Us and arrange a meeting to speak with a Horizon Equity associate in person.
  2. Meet with Horizon Equity to discuss your specific situation, financial needs, and any questions you might have. Provided you are interested in proceeding, Horizon Equity will process your application with CHIP, and they will arrange an appraisal to determine the current fair market value.
  3. Once CHIP has received the appraisal, they will speak with you to confirm the amount of equity you qualify to withdraw from your home, and possibly arrange another meeting to address any other topics that need to be covered.
  4. CHIP requires you seek independent legal advice before the process is finalized and you make a commitment – now is the time to do this. Your CHIP contract will be forwarded to your lawyer, where you will sign it, and he/she will send it back to CHIP.
  5. You receive your reverse mortgage loan from CHIP via cheque after the closing documents have been signed.

It really is that easy!

Request a Reverse Mortgage Estimate Today to Get Started!